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Back & Rosta is a market leader in building monumental, multiuser museum touch screen display walls. Our world famous flagship product, the Magic Wall exhibits any content using attractive, dynamic and eye-catching special effects and can be used interactively by huge crowds at the same time. 

Besides providing unprecedented experiences that mesmerize our audiences with visual innovation, we have been successful in building bridges across nations, cultures and continents. It has become our mission to connect different institutions from various parts of the world. Our efforts in exhibition exchange and cultural diplomacy have started to be widely recognized as well.


The company was established in 2001 with its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, Vienna and in 2008 founded a research and development center in Shanghai, China in order to popularize innovative new technologies, especially museum interactive dispaly and applications to fast-growing Asian markets. At the core of our solution is our patented Magic Wall software application that drives the on-screen action. We work with the leading screen providers in the industry to create truly amazing interactive display experiences. With over 300 installations in SE Asia and China we are now expanding throughout Europe and beyond.

We consider our main strength to be cooperating with our partners on a long-term basis. During our developments, we rely on the feedback and experiences of our customers.

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