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Interactive Touch Screen Display/Video Wall for Zoo’s– The Magic Wall

Preservation, conservation and awareness are essential guidelines of our life. What better ways to attract our future generation’s attention to these important missions than implementing the Magic Wall’s enchanting interactive display? Zoos can provide an enriching and entertaining experience that fosters learning, conservation awareness, and a deeper connection between visitors and the animal natural world.

Our touch screen displays present complex information in an engaging and easily understandable manner, making learning about animals and their ecosystems more accessible and enjoyable. The Magic Wall captures all visitors' attention and encourages their active participation by allowing them to interact with virtual animals and simulations on the informative touchscreens.


The Magic Wall’s interactive displays are perfectly suitable for hands-on experience which are key to effectively target younger audiences: our wall displays allow visitors to have a never before seen, visually unique and stunning experience. Touchscreens, models, and interactive games enable visitors to manipulate virtual objects, learn through touch, and gain a deeper understanding of animals' physical characteristics and adaptations.


By illustrating the impact of human activities on wildlife and ecosystems, our interactive displays can inspire visitors to become more environmentally conscious and supportive of conservation initiatives. Since interactive displays can inform visitors about conservation challenges, success stories, and ongoing efforts, using the Magic Wall, zoos can fulfil their modern mission on animal conservation as well. 

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