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Interactive Video Wall/Multi-User Touch Screens for Special Events – The Magic Wall

Looking to add a special attraction for your next event? Utilizing the Magic Wall would be a great addition. Our interactive display creates an engaging and interactive experience for event attendees, capturing their attention and keeping them involved throughout the event.  For trade shows and expos, the Magic Wall provides interactive exhibitor maps, allowing attendees to locate specific booths, learn about exhibitors, and plan their visit efficiently. 

Event organizers can use our touch screen display to showcase sponsors' logos, advertisements, and promotional content, providing valuable branding opportunities for sponsors and offer information in multiple languages, catering to a diverse audience thus enhancing inclusivity.

Integrating social media platforms into our display wall genuinely enables attendees to share their experiences, post updates, and engage with event-related content online. These attractive and innovative techniques also facilitate audience Q&A sessions and collect real-time feedback from attendees, making it easier for event organizers to address questions and improve future events.

In the case of virtual or hybrid events, our touch screen display can host virtual booths and product demonstrations, allowing exhibitors to showcase their products or services to a broader audience.

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