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Interactive Video Wall/Touch Screen Displays for Tourism – The Magic Wall

Touch screen display offer an engaging and interactive experience for tourists, capturing their attention and encouraging them to explore various destinations and attractions. Travellers can learn about the cultural and historical significance of various landmarks and attractions with our tools enhancing their appreciation and understanding of the destination.

Our innovative solutions provide access to virtual tours and 360-degree views of popular tourist spots, creating a preview of the destinations and helping them plan their trips. Tourists can access real-time information on local events, weather updates, transportation schedules, and other important travel details through interactive displays.  The Magic Wall offers personalized recommendations for nearby attractions, dining options, and activities based on tourists' preferences and interests. 

Tourism boards can use interactive displays to promote local businesses, shops, and restaurants, contributing to the economic growth of the area, and also collect data on tourist behavior, preferences, and visiting patterns enabling them to make data-driven decisions and improve tourism strategies. The Magic Wall boosts eco-friendly travel experience by providing digital information through touch screen display, thus tourism destinations can reduce the consumption of printed materials and contribute to more sustainable tourism practices.

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