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MAGIC WALL - The Interactive Video Wall

The Magic Wall is a vibrant, constantly changing interactive video wall that attracts all eyes in any public space. As museum touch screen display it can operate as a grand exhibition surface of digital content while at the same time it is fully interactive as an information search system. One of its greatest assets is that it serves large groups of users simultaneously. Our patented Magic Wall software is the engine that drives our award-winning interactive video wall.  

The advantage of the Magic Wall is not only that it is highly effective in attracting visitors, but also creates a two-way link between the user and the institution. On the one hand, users can easily access the content presented on the interactive video wall and download or browse it on their mobile devices using QR code. On the other hand, users provide useful feedback to the institution on the content they browse and their usage habits.


Thanks to our in-house developed technology linked to social media, any event or product promotion can easily reach the user. The Magic Wall currently has more than 30 unique features to intensify the interactive video wall experience, such as a "like" function, 3D model function, timeline, interactive map or even an advertising function.



The Magic Wall can be designed in almost any touch screen display configuration you can imagine. Whether you are looking for a single screen or a 25 meter-wide monumental wall, we can design and deliver a solution to fit your space and budget. Our patented Magic Wall software, which is designed entirely in-house, is installed on an on-site controller box and provides the "magic". In addition, you have access to a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) that provides an easy to use interface for updating the content on the interactive video wall.


Here are just a few sample screen configurations.



All the power of its big brother packed into a single-screen solution. The Mini Magic Wall is perfect when space is limited or you desire to have a more mobile interactive display that can easily be moved within your facility or to other locations.

Our standard Mini Magic Wall utilizes an 86" display and can be mounted on a wall, secure rolling cart, or within a custom-built casing.

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