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The Magic Wall: Interactive Video Wall/Touch Screen Display for Hotels/Hospitality

Implementing our cutting-edge, technology-driven interactive touch screen display walls can differentiate hotels from their competitors and position them as a modern, forward-thinking establishment. The Magic Wall can be integrated into the hotel's check-in and check-out processes, reducing waiting times and simplifying the registration process for guests.

Our device also serves as virtual concierge, allowing guests to request services, make reservations, order room service, and seek assistance, all at their fingertips. Interactive wall display can provide guests with an engaging experience during their stay. They can explore interactive maps, browse local attractions, access hotel amenities, meeting rooms, or other facilities efficiently – all by reducing the need for staff assistance. 

With our Magic Wall features you can also create positive environmental impact. By adopting touch screen display, hotels can reduce paper usage for printed materials, leading to cost savings and advocating sustainability.  Our wall display can also serve as innovative tools for advertising and marketing opportunities such as attractive, large-format digital signage for promotion. These eye-catching and mesmerising displays surely elevate the hotel's overall quality. 

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