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The Magic Wall - Interactive Video Wall/Touch Screen Displays for Retails/Shopping Malls

Shoppers can use the interactive display to browse through the mall's directory and locate stores, making it easier for them to find specific products or brands they are interested in. The visually engaging showcase of real-time offers, discounts, and promotions from different stores encouraging customers to take advantage of deals.

Our touch screen display supports virtual try-ons and product demos, as some interactive walls may have augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) capabilities, allowing shoppers to virtually try on clothes, accessories, or test products before making a purchase. By doing so, data can be collected on customers’ behavior and preferences, helping shopping mall’s management to gain insights into visitors’ trends, popular shopping times, and peak foot traffic areas.

The Magic Wall provides effective advertising and marketing opportunities in shopping malls with its dynamic and visually stunning methods: our display walls serve as advertising platforms for tenants, promoting their products or services, but also recommend upcoming events, performances, or special activities, encouraging visitors to participate in mall-sponsored happenings.

Integrating social media platforms into our touch screen display genuinely encourages shoppers to share their experiences and favorite products, helping to spread the word about the mall and generating additional revenue through advertisements from different businesses. 


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