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The Magic Wall – Interactive Video Wall/Touch Screen Displays for Airports

Magic Wall installed in an airport can provide enormous value for both the host organization as well as passengers in the terminal. Airports are often vast and complex spaces, and finding specific gates, terminals, or amenities can be challenging for passengers.


Interactive display wall provides easy and user-friendly solutions, helping travelers to navigate through the airport and reducing the likelihood of missed flights due to confusion or delays. This real-time information helps passengers adjust their plans accordingly and minimizes frustration caused by unexpected disruptions.


Our Magic Wall displays can showcase various airport services and amenities, such as lounges, restaurants, shops, and restrooms. The attractive representation of these features encourages passengers to explore the airport and take advantage of the available facilities. Touch screen displays can cater to international travelers by providing information in multiple languages, accommodating passengers from different regions and enhancing their overall experience.

Implementing our cutting-edge, innovative technology you can portray the airport as a forward-thinking and customer-centric organization. The Magic Wall accommodates and entertain passengers of all ages, especially during waiting times when our interactive games and videos keep them engaged and help passing time more quickly.

Airports can utilize the interactive display as a digital advertising platform, promoting businesses and services within the airport or partnering with external advertisers. This can not only generate additional revenue for the airport, but by collecting data on passenger behavior and preferences can be valuable for management to improve operational efficiency, optimize passenger flow, and enhance overall airport services. 


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