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Magic Wall - Museum Wall Display

Immersive Experience of Ancient Times

If they knew about the Magic Wall in Hollywood, they might not have sent the most popular adventurer archaeologist of all time on another life-threatening mission this year. Our retired hero, Indiana Jones, is once again throwing himself into his mission for science under his usual troubled circumstances in Steven Spielberg’s latest movie. At Magic Wall, we provide him and everyone else with safe, lovable, effective and equally spectacular innovations. With our museum wall display, we're not only appealing to experts, but also to younger audiences open to archaeology in new ways. We do this without in any way compromising the integrity of archaeological artefacts that may be thousands of years old, but we take the experience of discovery to a new level. 


Museum wall displays play a vital role in preserving, interpreting, educating, and presenting archaeological artifacts to the public. These innovative tools provide a means to safeguard and share our cultural heritage, promoting understanding and appreciation of the past. Artifacts and remains are fragile and vulnerable to damage from exposure to light, humidity, and physical contact. Our large LCD video wall solution provides a controlled environment that helps protect these precious witnesses of past times from deterioration. With this general protection, scientific curiosities that might be considered old-fashioned cannot be forgotten. Museum wall displays provide an unparalleled platform to communicate the historical and cultural context of the objects, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the past.

Compelling narratives always help to present the archaeological discoveries. Remember the success series of Indiana Jones…! By incorporating different storytelling techniques, excitement of archaeological exploration and the mysteries surrounding the artifacts can be achieved. Best practices to reach desired impact with museum wall displays are special, customized visuals, text, and audio elements. With the right proportion these can create a sense of intrigue and wonder. It is worth mentioning holographic tricks as they bring archaeological sites to life. This comes handy when archaeological sites are not always easily accessible due to their remote locations, restricted access. With our solutions visitors can virtually explore ancient ruins, walk through reconstructed historical environments, or even interact with virtual avatars. 

To benefit from the maximum capacity of our products it is recommended paying close attention to the aesthetics of the museum wall displays. High-quality visuals, appropriate lighting, and aesthetically pleasing layouts can assure an inviting and visually appealing environment. To catch the attention of your visitors and to gain sufficient interest for your stories you might as well apply other successful techniques: comparative and interactive elements often acts as gamechangers. By displaying artifacts side by side you can demonstrate similarities and differences between various cultures or time periods. This brings visitors to draw connections and understand the broader cultural context of the archaeological findings. Incorporating interactive elements allows visitors to engage with the artifacts and archaeological discoveries. For example, you could use augmented reality to provide additional information, virtual reconstructions, or interactive games related to the archaeological findings.

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