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Magic Wall - Museum Interactive Display

Interactive Bridge to Diversity

Presenting ancient, complex and seemingly inaccessible cultural values has never been easier! The Magic Wall’s museum interactive display offers a range of benefits for ethnography museums, fostering visitor engagement, multi-sensory learning, customization, accessibility and unique information collection. By incorporating such interactive technologies, museums can create immersive and educational experiences that celebrate cultural diversity and promote cross-cultural understanding. The enhanced visitor-engagement facilitates interactive participation and our hands-on approach can increase visitor’s experience. 


By leveraging technology and interactive elements, museums can create dynamic and memorable practices that connect visitors with the richness and complexity of any ethnographic collections. The Magic Wall offers a multi-sensory learning process by incorporating visual, auditory, and sometimes tactile elements. This can be particularly valuable for ethnography museums as it allows visitors to engage with cultural artifacts and information in a more holistic way. On the Magic Wall's museum interactive display, audiences encounter high-resolution images, listen to audio recordings of traditional music or languages, can touch replicas of artifacts, thus feel tactile representations of objects, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures. 


Each community has its unique stories, traditions, and practices. The ability to customize the content on the Magic Wall enables museums to present specific narratives and adapt the displays to different exhibitions or events. This flexibility helps curators and educators showcase the richness and diversity of various cultures effectively. The Magic Wall can also contribute to making ethnography museums more accessible and inclusive. It can accommodate different learning styles and cater to a wider range of visitors, including those with visual or hearing impairments. Through the use of captions, audio descriptions or tactile interfaces, the Magic Wall ensures that people with diverse abilities can engage with the content and have a meaningful experience. With the museum interactive displays, visitors can explore artifacts, traditions, and cultural practices in a more immersive and memorable way. 


By engaging multiple senses, our innovative tools provide a richer and more comprehensive understanding of the exhibited cultures. Onsight features such as comparative elements and interactive maps provide an even broader understanding of the cultural and historical contexts, so the significance of the exhibited artifacts can be more highlighted. Interactive displays in ethnography museums enhance visitor engagement, facilitate deeper learning, and foster a greater appreciation for diverse cultures. By leveraging technology and interactive elements on our museum interactive display, institutions can create dynamic and memorable experiences that connect visitors with the richness and complexity of ethnographic collections.

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