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Magic Wall - Museum Touch Screen Display 

Art of Visualization: The Magic Wall

Case studies

The Magic Wall is more than just a valuable asset in any fine art museum. It is a vibrant, trendy, innovative pipeline between audience and museums by offering several benefits for both visitors and the institutions itself. We collected some points to elaborate on the advantages of using touch screen displays in fine art museums. One of the fundamentals of our mission is to encourage visitors for more active participation. With the Magic Wall we are driven to offer solutions for more interactive and engaging experiences. Our museum touch screen display can facilitate interaction between all participants, making art more approachable, educational, and enjoyable for a wider range of individuals.


Beside the boosted interactivity and accessibility to unknown information, engagement can also produce data-driven improvements and perfectly suitable customization. Magic Wall’s museum touch screen display method allows visitors to navigate through digital exhibits, accessing additional information, and interact with multimedia content related to the artworks. This new experience redefines accessibility to artworks since instead of simply observing from a distance, art comes literally a touch-away from all visitors.


The interactive features of our LCD video walls enable visitors to explore different aspects of fine art. For instance, in painting to zoom in on brushworks or examine intricate details becomes a breathtakingly new phenomenon. Additional context, interviews with artists or demonstrations of artistic techniques can also be provided on museum touch screen displays. Other interactive features, such as virtual reality can also be integrated, allowing visitors to experience artworks in new exciting ways. These multimedia presentations help the audience to gain deeper understanding and appreciation of the artworks, enriching their overall museum experience.

Implementing never before experienced attractive solutions for your visitors is just one side of the coin. With the Magic Wall you can also realize many other practical advantages: our museum touch screen display provides a valuable source of data by gathering analytics on interactions, visitor feedback, popular exhibits, demographic information and preferences. This way you can refine exhibitions, improve visitor experiences, and make data-driven decisions for future displays. Last but not least one more aspect to highlight: customization. Visitors can access virtual content based on their interests or age group, and even save or share their favorite artworks through social media platforms. This expands the museum's reach and allows visitors to explore a broader range of art beyond the physical limitations of the museum's space.

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