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Touch screen-based gamification – The Magic Wall

Entertainmenting is a fundamental principle of every digital device. Especially if you want to engage audiences and caption capture the attention of the new youngest  generations. The Magic Wall offers multiple options presenting games in the most enjoyable and user-friendly ways. Incorporating games on our wall display draws people in and encourages them to interact with the content.

With our games you can promote active participation by letting users physically engageing with the display, touching it, swiping it, or using gestures, enhancing the interactive experience. Adding gaming elements to an interactive display wall can create a positive and enjoyable user experience, making the display more memorable.


Since different games appeal to a wide range of age groups, the versatility of touch screen-based gamification is suitable for various audiences and settings. In public spaces like museums, exhibitions, or events, interactive games can attract people to the wall display, creating a point of interest and encouraging social interactions.

The Magic Wall’s gamified learning approach is especially effective in educational and training environments since our educativeonal games can be designed to convey information and concepts in an engaging way. Beside this „learning through play method”,-method our interactive display walls offer innovative solutions for data collection, time management and branding purposes as well. 

Games implemented by our R&D tTeam can be designed around a brand or product theme, creating a playful way to engage customers and reinforce brand awareness. Our games collect data on user interactions, preferences, and behaviors. This data can provide insights into user engagement and preferences, which can be valuable for future content strategies. In waiting areas or queues, games on touch screen displays can help pass the time for users and alleviate perceived waiting times.


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