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Natural History

Implementing the Magic Wall’s museum interactive display at Natural History museums, visitors can experience a more immersive, interactive, and educational journey through the wonders of our planet's history and biodiversity. This technology has the potential to inspire curiosity and a deeper appreciation for the natural world and its conservation.

By showcasing the evolution of life on planet Earth, the museum wall display takes visitors on a virtual journey through prehistoric landscapes, time and different spaces – all to provide a unique perspective on the history of our planet. These interactive activities allow visitors of Natural History Museums to feel like real paleontologists, discovering ancient fossils and learning about the creatures that lived long ago.

Never before experienced journeys bring visitors up close to the wonders of nature, from exotic animals to breathtaking natural landscapes. The Magic Wall’s high-definition museum touch screen displaycan showcase 3D representations of specimens that visitors can view from all angles. This feature – supported by wildlife documentaries and videos provided by our in-house developed software -- allows visitors to explore intricate details of fossils, rocks, minerals, and other specimens that are not always visible in traditional displays.

As a responsible and top-notch technical tool the Magic Wall can effectively serve important social causes as well: with the museum wall display you can develop interest and raise awareness about endangered species and conservation efforts. With such activities you can incorporate citizen science projects that allow visitors to contribute to real scientific research. This involvement empowers visitors to make a meaningful impact on understanding and conserving the natural world. 

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