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Navigation with Ease

The Magic Wall goes beyond being a visually stunning touch screen display. It incorporates a powerful navigation feature that helps users explore and navigate through various chanels. With its intuitive navigation capabilities, the Magic Wall becomes a valuable tool for visitors to find locations of interest and enhance their overall experience.

Our navigation feature provides customers with an interactive, user-friendly floor plan of the facility. This map is shown on the Magic Wall's large LCD video wall, allowing users to easily visualize and understand the layout of the premises. It can include multiple levels or sections, depending on the complexity of the facility.

Users can interact with the navigation system by selecting points of interest, searching for specific locations, or even inserting their desired destination. The Magic Wall also provides visual guidance and directions, helping users navigate from their current location to the desired destination. This eliminates the need for physical maps or printed guides, streamlining the navigation process.

The Magic Wall's navigation feature can also incorporate additional information about each point of interest. Users can access details such as descriptions, images, operating hours, contact information, and any other relevant data about specific locations. This additional data enhances the user's experience and allows them to make better choices about their visit.

Our navigation tool can be integrated with other systems or services, such as event schedules, ticketing platforms, or reservation systems. This integration gives users an easy access to relevant information or make bookings directly from the Magic Wall.

With this comprehensive navigation feature, the Magic Wall becomes a valuable asset for various facilities, including museums, airports, shopping malls, convention centers, and more. It helps visitors navigate complex spaces, discover new areas of interest, and make the most of their time within the facility.

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