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The Jade Emperor's Era Exhibition

In a splendid ceremony, the exhibition "Ancient China's Treasures – The Jade Emperor's Era" opened in Székesfehérvár, featuring a remarkable collection of over a hundred artifacts. The centerpiece is a jade funerary armor made of 1460 jade plates, showcasing the rich culture of ancient China.


Organized with the support of Back & Rosta Ltd., the exhibition, hosted by the Saint Stephen King Museum, sheds light on daily life, burial customs, and rulers of ancient China. The mayor emphasized the importance of cultural understanding to prevent conflicts globally, turning the opening into a message of dialogue and respect.


Pokrovenszki Krisztián, the museum director, praised the collaboration between Chinese institutions and Hungarian partners, stating that the exhibition contributes to mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries.


Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Xuzhou City Cultural Office, highlighted China's 5000-year-old historical tradition, with a significant artifact being a jade funerary armor from the Western Han period. Dr. Rosta Miklós, from Back and Rosta Ltd., expressed joy at the cultural exchange, emphasizing the shared values of openness and tolerance between Hungary and China.


The exhibition is not only a meeting of seemingly distant cultures but also a celebration of the 75th anniversary of Hungarian-Chinese diplomatic relations in 2024.


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