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360⁰ Virtual Tour

A virtual tour offers mesmerizing experience that allows users to explore and navigate various locations without physically being present. Composed of 360-degree panorama photos, a virtual tour provides a dynamic and interactive way to discover and engage with different spaces, whether it's a museum, a historical landmark, a hotel, or even a real estate property.

With a virtual tour, users embark on an imaginary adventure in which they explore surroundings of certain locations at their own pace without physically being there. They have freedom to move in any direction, allowing them to observe the environment from different perspectives. Whether it's turning left or right, looking up or down, users can fully immerse themselves on the Touch Screen Display, providing exploration that traditional photographs or videos often lack.

The 360-degree panorama photos -- that form the basis of a virtual tour -- capture images in all directions simultaneously. These high-resolution images create a clear panoramic view, giving users a complete visual effect.


Virtual tours on interactive display have plenty of advantages. They can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making them accessible to people all around the world. Users can take virtual tours from everywhere saving time and resources. This accessibility is especially valuable for individuals with physical limitations or those unable to travel.

In addition to providing an engaging and interactive experience, virtual tours can also be utilized for educational or promotional purposes. Museums can showcase their exhibits, providing detailed information about artworks or artifacts. Real estate agents can present properties in a visually compelling way, allowing potential buyers to explore and visualize the space before making a decision.

Through the power of our expertise, on every large Magic Wall-tuned LCD video wall virtual tours bring the world to users' fingertips, providing a sense of presence and interactivity that traditional media cannot match. Whether it's for educational, promotional, or purely exploratory purposes, virtual tours offer a unique and attractive experience for all.

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