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The Magic Wall: Rich Feature Set

The Magic Wall's rich feature set combines multi-touch interactivity, customization, real-time data integration, collaboration capabilities, and more to offer a versatile and powerful tool for data visualization, content presentation, and interactive experiences in various contexts. These features contribute to its effectiveness and appeal in a diverse range of applications.

The Magic Wall software comes packed with an incredible collection of standard features that allow you to create truly amazing interactive experiences. Our team of developers are constantly adding new features based on feedback from our extensive customer base. Our interactive video wall refers to the wide range of capabilities and functionalities, it supports multi-touch gestures, allowing multiple users to interact with the display simultaneously. 

Our high-resolution display provides a stunning visual experience as the size and clarity of the screen make it suitable for presenting complex data, videos, and interactive content.

Users can customize the visualizations on the Magic Wall to suit their specific needs. This flexibility enables organizations to display data in a way that best communicates their message.

The Magic Wall is designed for data visualization, enabling users to create interactive charts, graphs, and maps. It's an excellent tool for collaborative work. Multiple team members can work together in real-time, making it ideal for brainstorming, project planning, and creative cooperation.

Remote accessibility is a huge asset of our device , allowing users to interact with the content from remote locations. This feature is valuable for organizations with distributed teams. The Magic Wall also integrate real-time data feeds, making it suitable for applications like monitoring stock market data, social media trends, or live event updates.

Some Magic Wall installations include analytics tools that provide insights into user interactions and content performance. The Magic Wall's rich feature set makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including corporate boardrooms, educational institutions, museums, retail spaces, and control centers. Below are just a few of the included software features.


Using intelligent visualization algorithms, the digital collection is constantly rotated in real-time using various 2D and 3D special effects.

The Magic Wall Controller collects highly reliable statistics about user interactions.

We are able to detect most problems, even before they are noticeable to visitors, and resolve a majority of them remotely.

A powerful  Content Management System that allows you to easily modify content in real-time.

Helps users navigate your facility and find locations of interest.

Users can take a virtual tour composed of 360-degree panorama photos.

The Magic Wall Controller collects highly reliable statistics about user interactions.

Full-screen poster with tappable interactive hotspots.

All interfaces support an interactive instruction feature to explain their usage.

The Wall collects a large number of user statistics which can be visualized through the backend or directly on the wall.

Users can express their interest in a content item by tapping the Like button.

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